FACT: BALLOONS KILL CHILDREN - Click Here and Click Here
FACT: Balloons were discovered in 1709 by a Brazilian born Portuguese priest named Bartolomeu de Gusmao. When de Gusmao was summoned to the hall of the Casa da India in Lisbon to perform an exorcism, the angry exercised demon opened the gates of Hell and out flew a million balloons that devoured him alive. To this day, if you suck the insides out of a balloon and then speak, de Gusmao's high-pitched, squeaky voice will briefly possess you.
FACT: The Water Balloon Race game was invented by Fred Martell of Martells' Seabreeze on the boardwalk of Point Pleasant NJ. It was showcased at "Expo 64" the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York. Although this game has brought joy to millions of children and adults alike, all enjoying the fun loving competition and festive atmosphere there is a deeper reason Mr. Martell developed this game.

Not unlike the tens of millions of fans of this site Mr. Martell was an avid Balloon Hater. A Balloon hater with a plan. One night back in 1963 as he sat alone in a dark corner of his restaurant thinking about the over abundance of balloons it came to him. He had a calling and it called him do destroy as many balloons as possible. Within 24 hours the first prototype of the now famous Water Balloon Race Game was build. Although it was functional it did suffer a few technical issues.

It did not actually shoot water into a moving clowns mouth to inflate and burst the balloons, that came much later. The first design had 8 people line up holding pneumatic rifles that shot used hypodermic syringes directly at the balloons. (The used syringes were found everywhere on the beaches back then) This caused confusion in determining the actual winner since all 8 balloons were instantly popped. This also brought great happiness to Mr Martell. After much consideration a primitive form of the current design was adopted and the rest is history.

In 2002 Mr. Martell was posthumously nominated for a Nobel peace prize for his contribution in eliminating balloons.
FACT: A total of 17,500,000 balloons are killed each year by the ever popular water balloon race game.
BalloonsSuck.com thanks you Mr. Martell for your contribution.
FACTThis article states that Neo-Nazis are using balloons to spread their racist propaganda. We at BalloonsSuck.com believe that racist balloons are actually using themselves to spread Neo-Nazis.
"I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hate balloons." -W.Churchill 1939