My Balloon 5-7-5
Do I hate balloons?
Breath and spit filled rubber globes
I guess I hate them.
Death Blanket
Swollen air thieves float
Blocking sun from all below
Suffocating life.
Tara's Balloons
Balloons in her hand
Spit filled rubbery floaters
Go pop! and they're gone.
Floating in the sky
Circular patterns kill me
Fight them to the death.
New Years Eve
Caged high in a net
You grow portly in the heat
Midnight acid rain
Thanksgiving Day Parade
Dark and threatening
The sky was full of balloons
Poised for an attack 
AB Negative
Balloons frighten me
Come at night to suck your blood
Air filled vampires
Balloons Inflating
Closing in all around me
I slowly go mad.
The Echo
Evil hellish clown
A messenger of Satan
Die in a small car 
Give Me Cash
Shitty red balloon
Ridiculous party gift
Hope you fly away.
Come here floating fool
I'll slay you for all to see
Your chalky innards.
Spheres of Polymer
Your roundness no, not so much
Go and pop yourself 
Go To Hell
Satan loves balloons
Uses them to steal your soul
Balloons are from Hell.
Air Bags
"Balloons" in my car
Disguised to soften impact
Instead break my neck.
Balloons are putrid
They make me want to vomit
I don't like to puke 
Killer giant beast
Popping is your evil plot
Spreading your venom.
Tiny blimps sail high
The pine tree opens his arms
Impaling their hearts.
Inflatable Farm
The dog,snake and wolf
Vicious balloon animals
My defense, one pin.
Waste Product
Many things valued
That rubber can be used for
but you are not one.
Baby water balls
Suckle on bathroom faucets
Suicide bombers
A balloon hunts me
I run and hide, start to cry
It knows where I am 
Cat's Eye
Abduct the leashed orb
Inhale the life from it's lungs
Transient munchkin
Expendable Ride
Strapped to a balloon
Parachute, butt torch and man
The hitcher takes flight
Balls of Disease
Thin latex membranes
You dreadful, bright child magnets
May their snot clothe you 
Balloons? I think not
Cancerous orbs of malice
Pollute our children
Write balloon haiku
Helps me to deal with issues
So says my doctor
Psycho Mom
Crazy party bitch
Demands Johnsons sit on orbs
Starts their phobia 
Balloon Slayer
Prick you with a pin
Listen to your hissing death
I watch and smile
Even at fifty
You slay with the best of them
Crochity old man
Plastic hellish cunt
Blown up like a diseased whore
Popped like a cheap slut 
Cold Sweat
Inflatable orbs
Chase me around my dark room
In my night terror
All hope will be gone
When the balloons take over
The end of mankind
Revelation says
Four orbs ride apocolypse
And hell will follow