Need PROOF of our loathing for the "LATEX DEMONS"?
Since starting this website our employees and operatives have been under constant attack from the "latex menace".   However, every one of them has been trained to be a lethal assassin and has no fear to use the skills they have been taught.  Here we see Agent 6 with a captured crapbag he named "Blue Boy" just before relieving it of it's life.

Notice how Agent 6 methodically dispatches the "plastic hell spawns".  First, he interrogates and ridicules his prey.  Then he takes pleasure in taunting it with his deadly instrument.  Finally, he unleashes his fury with cold and calculating precision.  Rot in Hell Crapbag!

Every one of our operatives has their specialty, their favorite way of disposing of the "polymer plague".  Agent 6's weapon of choice is The Milwaukee "Hole Shooter" 1/2 Inch Drive Power Drill.  This yellow crapbag came looking for "Blue Boy", what he got was dead.